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    We've Raised The Bar
    Over any other Mini Golf Cart on the market.
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    Innovative Design And Engineering
    Second to none features and options.
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    Industry First And Only
    POWER Assisted collapsing system.
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    A Cart To Fit Your Needs
    We have a cart, scooter or mini UTV to fit you needs
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    Custom Modifications
    Need something custom?, Ask us, We will customize it for you.

Kangacruz - Mini Golf Carts and Electric Power Sports

imageAt Kangacruz we've raised the bar, and offer unique elite line of mini golf carts and scooters, that are great for RV'ers, Equestrian use, Race Tracks, Airports, Farming, Senior Communities or anywhere a small electric vehicle is needed.

Our Aspire RS and Aspire SS models, are sturdier, more powerful, with greater ground clearance and with industry first options and features, to suit all of your needs, in all areas of use.  Our New Aspire RS-A and Aspire SS-A feature our new 48 volt, Alpha Series Motor and System, an industry first in their class.  The NEW Boomer is our Mini UTV and is our largest and most powerful cart. Our Aspire RS-T, the Joey and Jax, can be used in areas where golf carts are not allowed, such as state and provincial parks. (check your local bylaws) 

Our Aspire SS and Aspire S-A (Alpha) are Designed, Engineered and Individually Custom Built and Modified by hand one cart at a time, in Canada, Exclusively by us. 
They offers our Exclusive, Innovative, and Industry First and Only, POWER assisted collapsing system. It is the strongest and most rigid collapsing system system available and it  collapses with the touch of a button.  There is no other cart like them on the market.

If you have ever been on vacation or in a situation where you missed the convenience of your own golf cart, or electric vehicle, but never had the means to transport one ...
you don't have to dream any longer...
We open the door to new possibilities...
We invite you to have a close look at our carts.

We've raised the bar for Mini Golf Carts... not all carts are created equal and we believe that all customers, should be well informed when making a decision on a purchase and they should look at all their options, to be able to pick what works best for them.

We encourage you to closely compare All Aspects of our carts to any other mini cart on the market,
If you have any questions while comparing, we will gladly answer them for you.  While comparing, also remember, it's more than just about the price. 
Remember to look at All Aspects of Design, Engineering  and Specifications.
  In doing that, we are confident that you will find the Kangacruz model you are looking at, is well worth every penny in comparison and you will also make the right decision that works best for you and your situation.

There is nothing like a Kangacruz